Want to come hunting and not sure where to begin?

It's a bit to take in all at once so we offer Hunt Country Schooling/Riding to Hounds 101!  This started out by request and has gotten so popular I have added to the regular offerings at Cloudline year round.  So many people have said it has really made a difference in their enjoyment of the sport and particularly before coming out for the first time riding to hounds!   Ride is tailored to what you want/need but below are some great thought starters and more information!


WHY? So many reasons - here are a few that people have come out to try it:

* For the FUN of it -just want to come out and enjoy the outdoors! : )  Bring a friend or make new ones!

* Come ride and have fun and get pointers on hunting etiquette as you go - so much tradition to absorb - this is a really fun option - get it straight from the horses mouth! : )

* Can't get enough of those hunt jumps and want to do them again and again! : )

*  Need coaching or a refresher before hunting - hunting in natural terrain is challenging and pointers/tips are given on how to tweak your riding skills to enjoy the sport more or get a full on "lesson" - again you choose what you want/need

*  Bring a green horse or a horse that is skilled but hasn't experienced hunting - let them practice before hunting or just a green  horse period that needs exposure

*  Want to work on your skill level on your own horse - a great place to build your partnership

* Want to work on your skill level on a Cloudline horse before bringing out your own - at least one of you will know what to expect!  LOL

* Want to lease a Cloudline horse and would like to try out one or two before hunting


 2 HOUR RIDE is tailored to what you want/need but some ideas on what you might want to include:

*  School Hunt Country so you know what to expect - terrain, hills, ditches, woods, jumps, gates  etc. . . 

* Practice riding your horse in the woods, down the trails and through ditches - get a lead and/or practice going first or last

* Practice with your horse in a group, practice riding away from group and/or different places in the field, front, back, middle so you can be prepared for all

*  JUMPS - now is your chance to actually school the hunt jumps - do it again and again and again if you want!

*  More on JUMPS --- we have logs to start on in the woods, then advance to little coops 18 inches are the "mini coops" so your horse gets used to the look of hunt jumps without having to worry about the size, then go to medium coops, then practice the regular hunt coops.  Once you have jumped them in a controlled environment, you will enjoy your hunt more!



Just call Susan Gentry, MFH to schedule - weekday, evening, weekends can all be arranged.   Any size group is welcome.  Come by yourself if you want, and/or others might join in with you.  

Two hour ride is $60 on your own horse or a Cloudline horse, $100.



I take pictures and video as we go along and will send them to you so you can see how you and/or your horse progressed and what you want to work on more and you can SHARE PICTURES ON SOCIAL MEDIA OF COURSE! : )